The benefits of ClickShare: Getting the most from your investment

When you’re the one with the final say on new investments for the company you, understandably, want and need that investment to pay off. With so many people making requests - from end users asking for new meeting room equipment to the IT department proposing a new range of software - it’s often difficult to say no to some requests and yes to others. As manager, you're never a 100% sure which will benefit the company as a whole.

Embracing new methodologies

The ways in which people work are evolving. Seemingly overnight we moved from primarily face-to-face interaction and working 9 to 5 to home working and remote collaboration. But the initial excitement has ebbed away. There’s clearly growing fatigue in an exclusively work from home approach and businesses are trying to find a new balance between the home office and the workplace. Remote working and flexible working hours are more prominent as employers and companies take a more considered approach to personal lives. New ways of hybrid collaborating and hybrid meeting are required to suit changing working patterns, and hours.

When new people come into a company with fresh ideas and methods, they have the potential to help shape the future of the business and where it’s going. Investing in seamless technologies, combined with flexible and hybrid working and even BYOD, means the millennials and talent you’re recruiting have the potential to really flourish.

78% wish they could walk into the meeting room, connect and start working

Outlook for the post-covid workplace, ClickShare research on hybrid meeting, 2021

94% says ClickShare is simple and intuitive to use

Attracting millennials and new talent to the business

New technologies help companies attract the best talent, that's been proven.  Recent ClickShare research pointed out that video conferencing technology is the number 1 investment priority for employees worldwide, 77% believe all meeting rooms should be equipped for videocalls (Outlook for the post-covid workplace, 2021).  Attending an interview in a meeting room equipped with the latest technologies and systems helps to portray your company as a forward-thinking, innovative business. By offering new systems and modern ways of working, a Digital Workplace Manager helps to gear up for the future.

Changing meeting methods and habits

Working from home or any remote location helped contribute to a rise in BYOD – Bring Your Own Device – with users able to work on their own devices rather than standardized equipment brought in by the IT department. The growth in BYOD has then opened the door for BYOM – Bring Your Own Meeting – where users host a meeting on their chosen devices and preferred location.

If you want to cater the BYOD and BYOM needs of your employees, you'll need to find those tools that match the requirements of your IT department and at the same time address the needs for intuitive solutions that users require. ClickShare has been developed with both in mind.

Connecting to the central ClickShare Base Unit through the company’s Wi-Fi network with a Button or App, a ClickShare wireless presentation system enables up to eight users to connect, share their screens and even annotate what is displayed on the meeting room screen depending on their chosen ClickShare system. It's the perfect add-on for your fixed conference room, but can also be used as a stand-alone.

Everyone actually feels a key part of the collaboration process.  Users contribute more to the meeting bringing about better or more creative ideas, which in the end boosts productivity and efficiency of your business too.

If presenting isn’t the most suitable approach for a meeting, or you can’t get everyone in one room at the same time, ClickShare wireless conferencing systems make it possible for people to come together via a hybrid meeting instead. Busy schedules, hectic personal lives, lockdown measures or economical or ecological decisions,no matter the reason, it's a fact that people don't travel so much for meetings anymore and that important discussions get postponed, but a remote or hybrid meeting ensures that negotiations and constructive discussions can still take place through our intuitive wireless conferencing room system.

Connecting to your existing meeting room solutions  and collaborating on content via the ClickShare Button or Desktop App, teams can get down to business without the need for additional investments in any cables, headsets or AV-equipment. ClickShare Conference works with a wide range of  solutions, in any meeting room setup.

Helping to shape a digital workplace strategy

As businesses take their next strides forward digital strategies and innovations are becoming increasingly important. Modern marketing has already changed and now workplace practices are evolving to ensure that strategies and processes are futureproof.

Having a digital workplace strategy is key to taking the company forward, especially when trying to attract tech-savvy millennials or hold on to current quality recruits. There is no room to stand still and even once these strategies are signed off it’s time for them to evolve. ClickShare has the facility to do just that, utilising real-time analytics and insights from the XMS management platform to shape the ways in which the systems are used and to establish a hybrid meeting culture with proven user adoption.

Using the data to its fullest, standard huddles might be adapted to utilise meeting room screens instead of holding open pen-and-paper discussions. Also, designers might be required to transform unused office space into new huddle or meeting rooms and the data provided from the ClickShare systems installed to help facilitate these productive discussions. Our solutions  are built to adapt to changes in workplace technologies.

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How can ClickShare change your work life?

In order to enable your business to grow its productivity, you, as Digital Workplace Manager, will be the one bringing people and futureproof technology together. Make sure to check the benefits ClickShare wireless room solutions can bring you and your department

1. A flexible solution for the entire enterprise

Making the most of your available spaces and creating flexible, unified workplaces, now there's a challenge. With collaborative solutions that can be used throughout your entire enterprise, from huddle space to boardroom, from meeting room to conference room, you create a single, unified user experience for your staff. No need to adapt the space to the meeting purpose, we offer a truly Plug and Play option for any type of room. Starting a meeting is always the same, no downloads, manuals or extra tools needed for your employees. 

Next to that ClickShare products are fully BYOD compatible. Wireless presentation or wireless conferencing can be done from any Windows or Mac laptop with both the Button or Desktop App. Users can just walk in and automatically connect to the room.  iOS or Android device users can either share with the ClickShare Mobile  App or with AirPlay, GoogleCast or Miracast.

When the room displays are ot in use for conferencing or presenting, they can be used as digital signage displays thanks to integrations with partners solutions. 

4. Safeguarding your investment for the future 

Another common issue when signing off on a new investment is its lifespan. Spending money on new technologies can result in improved processes, but if you end up overhauling the system again in twelve months’ time then it could be viewed as a poor investment. The day-to-day management of ClickShare is easy, and guarantueed by well-balanced hardware coverage and support lines. But real value comes when working with our XMS management platform for the managing of your fleet: monitoring and updating with our free software updates can be done smoothly and automatically - even outside working hours. A useful set of real-time analytics and dashboards offers insights in the use of your collaborative tools and gives you further possibilities to optimize your technology stack easily in future.

5. Truly agnostic, without the need for additional investments

With ClickShare there is no need for any additional investments within your current setup. There's no vendor lock-in when it come to AV peripherals (USB camera, mic or speaker) or to UC&C platforms. Our products work with your existing solutions and there is no requirement for additional HDMI leads or adapters to meet BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) needs. We have the greatest compatibility with other solutions and brands on te market. 

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In addition, displays can be used for digital signage thanks to integrations with partners, whenever they are not used for conferencing or presenting. ClickShare helps to boost the ROI of your meeting spaces and informs, inspires and impresses.

6. Securing your data

Already ISO 27001 certified, as the only solution in the market, ClickShare is developed so that it can evolve and meet any future security threats. Tested to the extremes before being released, all ClickShare room systems offer configurable security to ensure that the company network is not compromised but new updates are being worked on in the background in order to keep your investment one step ahead of cyber criminals. 

You decide your own security levels, there are multiple layers of encryption and a thoughtful implementation of verification mechanisms like a pin-code. Working with the ClickShare Button or App, only allows original Barco software to run on your device and prevents malware from invading. 

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7. Matching your digital workplace strategy

It’s clear that your end users, IT department, guests, board member should not deal with complex meeting room setups or complex technologies when they are used to quick meetings and video calls. We have the solutions that match perfectly within your strategy for a collaborative, smart workplace of the future. 

Recognize the improvements you can make? ClickShare can help you to take your digital tools and your talented workforce to the next level and truly makes hybrid collaboration flow.

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