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If a Button disconnects frequently or after disconnecting, it won't connect anymore, then you may be encountering Wi-Fi issues. When the Button is solid white, it has connected to the Wi-Fi and is ready to share. A flashing white indicates the Button cannot connect to the Wi-Fi.



Download the ClickShare Corporate Network Integration and/or ClickShare Network Integration whitepaper for detailed administration and guidance on Corporate Network integration.

Base Unit Internal Wi-Fi Channel/band issue

ClickShare is a wireless presentation tool that works on selectable channels and bands.

Changing band and channel can improve the wireless connection significantly, there is a tool resident in the Base Unit configuration page that tests the Wi-Fi spectrum to ensure there is minimum congestion with the Wi-Fi selected channel.

In some environments, other wireless equipment or networks can make ClickShare unusable or cause Buttons to disconnect very shortly after being used.

This can be prevented by white-listing the ClickShare SSID in the other equipment (the Clckshare Base Unit may be seen as a Rogue AP). Ask your IT admin to set your ClickShare SSID as an authorized access point in other local wireless equipment.

Other equipment (e.g. CiscoWorks Wireless LAN Solution Engine Express, Meraki, Extreme or Aruba Networks) may also use dynamic allocation of wireless channels, resulting in intermittent congestion issues.

If re-pairing the Button does not work as a last resort, factory reset the Base Unit, flash the Base Unit firmware again, and then re-pair the Buttons.

Base Unit Corporate network integration

If we see that the Button is not choosing the best Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) in a corporate network, it’s most likely that the Clickshare Base Units are being load-balanced by the AP’s.

AP’s with load balancing enabled will lower their power to make clients roam to another AP. The Clickshare Button will not roam, it will disconnect if the channel is changed by the AP.

When a Button starts scanning and the closest AP has temporary lower power output the Button will lock to the higher power option, which may be further away and not the optimal AP.

After connecting the Button will not auto switch back to the closest AP, even when the closest AP is outputting higher power again.

For optimum ClickShare performance, align with your IT admin to disable AP load balancing and reserve a free channel for ClickShare.

There are a plethora of methods to connect the Buttons via a corporate wireless network, see the attached Technical Document link for an Administrators overview and supporting information.




Last updated Apr 17 2020

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