Do I always need to start the application at the start of every meeting?


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For the ClickShare system to work, the ClickShare application needs to run on your device. This application can be found on the mass storage device of the Button or can be downloaded from

Do I always need to start the application at the start of every meeting?

The ClickShare team has developed several ways to make sure you do not need to start the application each time you plug in the Button. Several options exist:

  • The recommended option is to download and install the ClickShare Desktop Application. This application will run on the background and will start automatically when plugging in the Button.

    You can get the application for Mac and Windows from or (when available) install it when manually running the application from the Button:

  • When you plug in the Button in your Windows PC for the first time, it will install a Windows Certified driver on your PC. This driver will automatically start the application on the Button so that you never need to. 

    All requirements, notes and troubleshooting for the ClickShare Windows Driver can be found here: [KB9619]. Please note that in September 2020 an update to the Windows Driver was released via the Windows Update Store, which will automatically update all previous driver versions. This driver requires the ClickShare base units to be up to date. More information on this can be found in [KB9619] and [KB11527].

  • Last, ClickShare offers a free utility package, the ClickShare Extension pack, for download here

    Note that this package requires admin rights on your Windows PC. In case you do not have these rights, please contact IT. System administrators can roll out the ClickShare Extension Pack automatically to all computers in their network. More information can be found in [KB3933]


    Update for Mac to support the ClickShare Conference Button will be made available soon. For Window, the latest version of the Extension pack already supports all Button.

In case the above options are not available to you, you will be required to always start the application from the Button's mass storage. This is how you do it:

  1. Plug a ClickShare Button into your PC
  2. On Mac, the driver will automatically appear on your desktop.
    On Windows, navigate to the USB/CD-ROM drive and launch the ClickShare for Windows or Mac executable

We strongly discourage you to copy this executable to your own device. In case you want the application locally on your device, please install the ClickShare Desktop Application.



Last updated Sep 22 2020

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