Personal Barco workspace allows AUMC operators to navigate quickly

Netherlands - 2024

Operators of the Amsterdam UMC control room have started using two integrated workstations with Barco OpSpace.  All sources that could previously be consulted in a cluttered desk setup are now contained in one clear, personal source layout that allows operators to quickly switch between processes and applications. 

Barco solutions:

  • Opspace

Key benefits:

  • From 14 screens to 2 organized workstations
  • Personal source layout tailored to the operator
  • All sources and systems controlled with one keyboard and one mouse

Amsterdam UMC is a leading academic medical center that combines high-quality, complex patient care with innovative scientific research and education for the next generation of healthcare workers. With more than 19,500 people, the two locations of Amsterdam UMC work together to provide good and accessible care. Amsterdam UMC was created in 2018 from a merger of the two academic hospitals of Amsterdam, the Academic Medical Center (AMC) and the VU Medical Center (VUmc). 


Modernization of the control room 

Dutch integrator INTER, in collaboration with Barco, has implemented the renovation of the control room. In the control room of the Amsterdam UMC, location AMC, various tasks are carried out that are essential for the daily operation of the hospital. Operators monitor the hospital's technical installations 24 hours a day, including air handling, elevators, fire installations and energy generation. 

Because the control room no longer met modern technological standards, the Amsterdam UMC recently implemented a significant renovation. In the former control room, operators monitored 14 sources, spread over 14 different screens. These screens were spread out and at a distance of approximately seven meters from each other. As a result, the operators had to continually move to consult the sources. That distance caused a lot of discomfort and inefficiency in the control room. 


Ergonomic workplaces 

Two ergonomic workplaces have been created in the renovated control room, equipped with Barco OpSpace & ergonomic workstation furniture from CREON. The operators see all sources that were previously presented on 14 different screens. Within Barco Opspace, every operator has their own working environment. The operators log in with their personal settings and immediately see the correct source layout, which they have set according to their wishes. Thanks to the new workstations, operators can now quickly switch between processes and applications, without requiring many actions.

Dutch integrator INTER, in collaboration with Barco, has implemented the renovation of the control room.

Thanks to Barco OpSpace, the operator can quickly switch between all processes without having to perform many operations.

Rene Slisser

Building Management Systems Manager (Amsterdam UMC)

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