Jun 3, 2020

PDS-4K. Simply switch, now.


Meet our newest addition to Barco’s industry-leading image processing platform: PDS-4K. This full-screen presentation switcher for diverse applications is built for those settings requiring the highest availability and uptime. It brings the best experience to your audience, while also being exceptionally easy to install and use. Manage your content with ease and engage even the most critical audiences. Additionally, the PDS-4K brings Barco’s expertise from the rental and events industry into the workplace for the first time.

The next generation PDS for rental and staging

For almost 20 years, live event professionals and operators have been calling on the Barco image processors and screen management systems as the preferred solutions for shows of all sizes. The new generation PDS has been developed in close collaboration with our partners to meet today’s requirements for high-quality image processing and fast seamless switching.

4K resolution, for instance, is by far the most wanted future feature in the market. And so, as its name suggests, that's what our new PDS is all about. The PDS-4K delivers all your content – from legacy HD sources to the latest 4K input – as intended. Our customers also indicated that low latency is high on their processing priority list. With the design of the PDS-4K we aimed for unsurpassed performance... and succeeded with less than 2 frames latency!

Furthermore, this latest device relies on the flexibility and power of the tried and trusted Event Master processing product line. It incorporates the AthenaTM scaling technology for stress-free scaling and seamless mixing performance. And it is built according to the same flexible principle to ensure expandability and future-proof upgradability.

Andrew Poley, CEO of Don’t Wonder Productions, is excited about the new Barco solution: “This PDS-4K fills the dark hole of 4K processing for smaller rooms that has loomed over our industry for years. We are excited to have a simple solution for 4K switching with the reliability of Barco. It will be a game changer for the corporate event world.”

A switcher for the workplace environment

All of the above-mentioned features make the PDS-4K the ideal solution, not only for mid-sized live shows, but also for corporate presentations in larger meeting spaces, multi-purpose auditoriums and boardrooms.

You surely know how easy it is to share content with just a click of a ClickShare Button. Well, we bring the switching between content on a higher level with a presentation switcher just as smooth. With just one unit you can drive multiple displays. The easy-to-operate full-screen presentation switcher facilitates lay-out freedom to bring the best visual experiences for the workplace, sure to impress and have a lasting impact.

The PDS-4K can be perfectly combined with our visualization solutions and well-known ClickShare devices. “With the introduction of the PDS-4K in the workplace environment, we can leverage on our expertise in the rental and staging industry to enable the most premium corporate presentations with unprecedented ease-of-use, image quality and reliability. Ensuring the viewing comfort of board members and guests, presenters only need one click to switch between content and access a wide range of preconfigured layouts and a set of professional transitions”, says Wim de Bruyne, VP Meeting Experience.  

Want to know more?

Learn all about Barco’s newest presentation device in a free launch webinar next week (June 16). Book your seat here.

Update: you can no longer register for the webinar as it already took place. Please find all PDS-4K information on the dedicated landing page