Jun 22, 2021

Supporting pathologists with ultimate slide-to-eye confidence

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We have a new kid on the block at Barco! Read on to learn all about the MDPC-8127, our display designed exclusively for pathologists and their digital workflow.

Challenges in the field

Today, the world is seeing an increasing shortage of pathologists. The United States have suffered a decrease of 17.5% in active pathologists between 2007 and 2017, and in the United Kingdom only 3% of NHS pathology departments have sufficient staff to meet demands.  They’re not alone: countries around the world are facing a retirement crisis in pathologist jobs. Alongside these trends, more pathology tests are needed each year, driven by an aging population, increasing cancer rates and the growth of precision medicine.

At the same time, pathologists’ workload is growing. An aging population, increasing cancer rates and the growth of precision medicine drive the need for more pathology tests each year.

Digital solutions

As a result, pathology departments worldwide are gradually turning towards digital solutions in order to alleviate the growing pressure they experience. Digital pathology makes it possible to speed up workflows and bring more efficiency into a predominantly analog medical field, in which, for example, slides needed to be shipped physically in order to consult second opinions.

Visualization: from slide to diagnosis

When slides are digitalized, they’re not viewed through a microscope but on a display screen. At Barco, we believe that qualitative visualization can lead to better insights and boost efficient workflows. So we took our knowledge about medical visualization and added a lot of research on pathology and digital pathology. We’re proud to present the result today: the MDPC-8127, a modern, ultra-high definition 27-inch medical grade display, designed exclusively for digital pathology.

Ultimate slide-to-eye confidence

The MDPC-8127 offers pathologists unprecedented visual richness and color confidence to work with, thanks to 1.07 billion possible colors, clear detail and minimal image blurring. The 8MP, ultra-high definition resolution and high pixel density make it possible for the MDPC-8127 to display more visible slide area at all viewer zoom levels. The display comes standard with a high-precision Barco touchpad, for improved ergonomics and productivity.

Sustainable & future-proof

Whole slide imaging scanners, viewing software and storage space are investments that pathology departments make to stand the test of time. A display being the final step in the imaging chain, it should do the rest of your digital pathology infrastructure justice. The MDPC-8127’s image quality remains stable over its long lifetime, and its 5-year warranty makes sure you can avoid unpleasant surprises.

The display received Barco’s A+ Eco Product Label, for its energy efficiency and the integration of power management functionalities, as well as the use of less materials, which are halogen-free and low-weight. Large plastic parts are unpainted, which enhances recycling possibilities significantly at the end of the display’s long lifetime.

With the MDPC-8127, we strive to maximally support pathologists in their digital workflow. So they can rely on an infrastructure that is built for their expertise and deliver qualitative patient outcomes.

Discover the MDPC-8127!
  • Cleared to walk the digital path
  • Your slides, visualized as never before
  • Sustainable and future-proof
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