Sep 22, 2021

Performance meets sustainability in Barco's new LED rear-projection cube


If you would list the most desired features for a rear-projection cube destined for the control room market, you would probably describe the next-generation of the OverView MVL-721. High brightness and great image quality? Check! Low power consumption and sustainability? Present! Reliability and a long lifetime? Naturally! This LED-lit RPC is another remarkable step forward in eco-friendly operations.

The first generation of the OverView MVL-721 is a successful product you can find in control rooms all over the world. The next-generation is now further perfecting this solution. With an increase in brightness of 55%, the MVL-721 can be used in just about any indoor environment. Even better: this amazing performance boost comes without any increase in power consumption! Together with some additional ecofriendly measures, including lifecycle considerations and improved repairability, this results in a good rating in Barco's Eco score methodology. This contributes to our ambition to reduce the ecological footprint of our customers, by reducing the energy footprint of our products by 25% (baseline 2015).

Maximum reliability

Control rooms are critical environments that typically operate in a 24/7 mode. In order to meet the stringent requirements of these environments, Barco has built in a lot of reliability measures into the MVL-721. The light source lifetime of 100,000 hours and redundancy of critical components (inputs, LED light and external redundant power supply), for example, ensure a continuous operation for many years. Also, Barco’s service portfolio has been completely renewed, offering comprehensive packages for the complete product lifecycle. This allows customers and resellers alike to experience the best possible protection and optimal uptime.

Monitor and diagnose from a distance

Cloud-connectivity is another great feature of Barco's next-generation video walls. The Video wall Management Suite allows remote monitoring and diagnostics, offering AV system integrators and managed service providers the possibility to remotely manage the complete installed base from a central location. This ensures faster and more effective troubleshooting, but also lowers operational costs and minimizes travel time - again contributing to a lower ecological footprint.

Barco stays committed to offering industry-leading control room solutions to view better, share faster, resolve quicker and achieve the best possible critical decision-making.