Mar 24, 2022

UDM. Leaving a huge impact on audiences; not on the planet.


How do you create impactful visual experiences without leaving an impact on the environment? Choose smartly designed tools that ensure the highest quality at the lowest ecological footprint! And if you’re looking for sustainable visualization solutions, Barco is the right place. Product in the green spotlight today is the UDM, our first projector with an A+ ecolabel.

Barco’s UDM projection platform has an endless list of great benefits: technical superiority, maximum ease-of-use, astonishing versatility and remote serviceability… We made zero concessions to give you the best there is. But what’s more, the UDM is also designed with the planet in mind!

Designed for longevity

When designing our products, we go all out to deliver durable and long-living solutions. Thanks to its robustness and the smart material choices, you can trust UDM to withstand the endurances of life on the road. But still, should one of the parts in your projector fail, you can easily disassemble the UDM using standard tools for fast maintenance in the field.

Moreover, thanks to its modular design, the UDM is not only optimized for easy serviceability, but also future-proof upgradability!

Energy efficiency

Some projectors don’t have to run at full power all the time. The UDM platform offers the option to its users to choose to set the projector in ECO mode. With the ECO mode, the energy consumption is reduced to less than 0.3W!

The implementation of power management functions and the available ECO settings really make the UDM unique when it comes to energy efficient products in the projection market.

Material use

We strive to work with suppliers and manufacturers that follow strict environmental procedures, and we pay close attention to the materials used in our products.

There are no REACH substances used in the UDM and 85% of all cables are halogen-free. All efforts which decrease the toxicity and increase the recyclability of the materials used.

Packaging and logistics

In the rental market, projectors constantly travel from one event to another. That’s why we find it important to optimize our rental projectors in size and weight for an eco-friendly life on the road.

We also focus on using recycled materials, not only in our products, but also in the packaging which is 90% recyclable for the UDM.

Interested in our ecoscoring program? Learn more about how it works here.