Ultimate slide to eye confidence

with Barco’s 27” 8MP ultra-high definition display,
cleared for digital pathology

Meet MDPC-8127, our ultra-high definition medical grade display designed exclusively for digital pathology. With regulatory clearances for use in digital pathology including primary diagnosis, it’s the first display that you can confidently integrate into your digital pathology workflow with multiple whole slide imaging systems.* Work with superior imaging technology and analyze your histological samples confidently, with unprecedented visual richness.

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Cleared to walk the digital path

The first stand-alone display cleared for digital pathology

  • Medical grade display
  • Approved for interpretation of digital histopathology slides
  • Including primary diagnosis

Compatible with multiple digital pathology solutions*

  • A stand-alone display for minimal adjustments in your infrastructure
  • Strengthen your existing infrastructure with superior image quality
  • No need to invest in a new whole slide imaging ecosystem

Exclusively designed for your expertise and organizational needs

  • Clinical confidence with enhanced visualization technologies
  • Operational confidence with automated calibration
  • Regulatory confidence with enterprise-wide QA compliance tests

*In the USA the MDPC-8127 can be used with WSI scanners and viewing software that have been validated for use with the display.
The device may be used for primary diagnosis in the following validated FDA-cleared WSI systems and digital pathology viewing software:

  • Philips Intellisite Pathology Solution with Philips Image Management System viewing software, cleared under K192259
  • Philips Intellisite Pathology Solution with Paige.AI Inc. FullFocus DX viewing software, cleared under K201005
  • Leica Aperio AT2 DX System with ImageScope DX viewing software, cleared under K190332
  • Leica Aperio AT2 DX scanner with Sectra Digital Pathology Module, cleared under K193054

Your slides, visualized as never before

Trust your display like you trust your expertise, with the 27-inch, ultra-high definition display. The MDPC-8127 was designed to support you at all levels:

  • Accuracy
  • Efficiency
  • Confidence
  • Connectivity

Find some examples below of how it does just that.

Ultra-high definition

The 8 megapixel, ultra-high definition display is fully equipped to offer you diagnostic clarity. It has a high pixel density and color per-pixel-uniformity, so slide images are displayed extremely sharp and consistent. This combination of technologies offers you more visible slide area to work with, at all viewer zoom levels, to help spot details more easily and aid in timely analysis.

1.07 billion possible colors

Color spaces form the heart of pathology work. With this display’s 132% of sRGB wide gamut coverage tailored for digital pathology images and range of 1.07 billion possible colors, you will enjoy unprecedented visual richness and color confidence in the specimens you view.

Fast refresh rate

The MDPC-8127 comes with RapidFrame™ technology to help ensure crisp, in-focus images during panning and zooming. Together with the display’s ultra-fast refresh rate, you can effortlessly pan and zoom with minimal blurring, and push your workflow as fast as you like.

Constant quality

The display is equipped with an I-Guard™ front sensor that protects your display’s image quality during every reading session. In concert with QAWeb Enterprise, color management within your digital pathology viewing software, using ICC profiles, is automatically supported, and pathology images are shown consistently across your enterprise and telepathology reading sites.

Powered by QAWeb Enterprise

QAWeb Enterprise keeps an eye on your display so you don’t need to. With automated calibration tests and quality assurance, it ensures stable image quality throughout the display’s entire lifetime. In this way, you can be sure that image quality is identical on any MDPC-8127 device, wherever and whenever, which makes it ideal for collaborating with peers and experts at other locations. So you can trust your display like no other.

More MDPC-8127 product details

Check the specs here

Go for sustainable and future-proof

✔   Stable quality, from beginning to end

✔   Dedicated to digital pathology in the long run

✔   A+ ecoscore

Your whole slide imaging scanner, viewing software and storage space are investments made to stand the test of time, together with you and your team. Your display is the final step in the imaging chain, so why not go for sustainable quality in the long term there as well?

The MDPC-8127 is designed to do your existing digital pathology infrastructure justice. Its image quality remains stable over its long lifetime, and you can avoid unpleasant technical surprises thanks to an industry-leading 5-year warranty. EssentialCare and 2-year ExtendedCare service packages are also available, for even more ease of mind.

Touchpad control

The MDPC-8127 comes standard with a high-precision Barco touchpad, for improved ergonomics and productivity:

  • Single finger slide navigation
  • Easy image panning
  • Image zoom changes with finger pinching and expanding motion

The touchpad also grants you direct access to Barco’s MXRT display controller based Intuitive Workflow Tools, with six programmable buttons.

More information on the MDPC-8127?

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One step beyond: Barco's Intuitive Workflow Tools

When combined with one of Barco’s advanced MXRT medical display controllers and diagnostic driver, the MDPC-8127 will offer a range of useful tools that support your digital pathology workflow.

  • FocalPath: dim and mask non-critical areas for improved optical accuracy.
  • Application Appearance Manager: set customized luminance and color profile settings for each application you work with.
  • SpotView: enhance specific areas you want to take a closer look at.
  • Conference CloneView™: project an image to another display or projector attached to the same MXRT display controller.

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