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Visualizing a bright future

The future offers infinite possibilities. What will yours look like? With Barco's large video walls, you can visualize and bring to life experiences guaranteed to leave a lasting impact.

Barco large video walls

The world is becoming more visual, and viewers expect bigger and better. Whether in a corporate, hospitality, or entertainment-centric setting, audiences and end-users expect an immersive experience that makes them feel like an integral part of their environment.

The total package

Whatever your environment, configuration or application, Barco’s visualization solutions provide both the display and the fully-aligned compatible parts users need to deliver impactful content instantly.

Your wall, your way

Barco goes the extra mile in developing customized large video walls tailored to accommodate any infrastructure and business or experiential requirement.

Unmatched imaging

In any setting, a video wall is only as valuable as the content it showcases. Barco’s visualization business is built on our legacy commitment to develop and deliver best-in-class image processing technologies. With Barco’s visualization technology, your imagination is the only limitation.

Perpetual partnership, superior support

A successful display installation not only requires superior technology, but a commitment to continued customer service to ensure it reaches its full potential. Through our comprehensive warranty, hassle-free maintenance and consultative support, our partners and end-customers can feel confident that Barco is their ally for the long haul.

Select the right video wall technology


LED (Light-Emitting Diode) is a display technology that uses a panel of high-resolution direct view LEDs within a fixed tile, the tiles are available in different narrow pixel pitches which are then used to create a large video wall. LED videowalls provide a totally seamless viewing experience.


LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is a flat-panel display that uses the light-modulating properties of liquid crystals combined with polarizers using a backlight or reflector to produce images. The separate LCD panels are used to create a large video wall. LCD videowalls have either bezel-less or narrow bezels between panels.


RPC (Rear Projection Cubes) produces images onto a screen via a projector, commonly referred to as a light engine, the light source is Laser or LED. Rear projection cubes are available in multiple sizes and resolutions which are used to create a large video wall. An RPC videowall have up to zero screen gap between the screens.


Control rooms

Barco's large video walls inspire more informed, accurate and impactful mission-critical decisions.


Our vast display portfolio inspires a metamorphosis within any desired area and unlocks new avenues to inform, instruct, impress and inspire.


Barco’s large video walls will make any studio stand out for many years to come, guaranteeing the best on camera performance without any interruption on-air.
We believe that Barco UniSee is the most suitable solution for us.
 - Beibu Gulf
Director of Information Department
There’s only one way to describe the massive 7x7 wall at the FishTech headquarters—absolutely stunning!
 -  Fishtech Group
Cyber Defense Center
People have become used to hyper-realistic imagery, the video wall will make or break the show. That’s why we only wanted the best.
- Fada Radi
Director of Creative at Al Arabiya 

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