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How to make your museum future-proof?

Is the existence of museums in danger? Definitely not. But fact is that the increasing popularity of modern media is changing the way culture is consumed. In order to move away from the traditional passive approach and stay relevant to the demanding audiences of today and tomorrow, museums need to look into the potential of current social and technological (r)evolutions.


These are three trends to keep in mind if you want to future-proof your museum:

  • the use of technology to re-tell stories with an experience-driven approach
  • the allocation of new functions to old buildings and the transformation into hybrid spaces
  • the power of social media and a stronger focus targeted at the online community

Download our e-book for further reading on these trends and examples of their application in today’s museums.


Words into deeds

Be inspired by the stories from our customers and find out how the advanced Barco portfolio helped them bring their museum into the future. 

Atelier des Lumières

Art meets digital, and it’s love at first sight!

Space 360

Whispering projectors to explain the Big Bang

Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh

King Tut’s life told through modern technology

The role of visualization

Innovative visualization technologies and unique display solutions play an important part in the future-proofing of your museum. Take your visitors on an immersive journey with mesmerizing visuals, bring your exhibition to life with creative projection mappings on the most unique locations and create interactive experiences that become the talk of the (online) town.

If you want to know how Barco can help you create that unique museum experience that everybody wants to be part of, contact us via the form below.

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Barco’s portfolio for museums

With a solution from simple to complex, we know how to enable you to create stunning experiences in a consistent and dynamic way to attract new and recurrent audiences to your museum. Our projectors and LED signage delivers superb image quality paired with reliability, low noise levels, and ultimate energy efficiency. What’s more, our presentation switchers offer total peace-of-mind with improved up-time and endless screen management possibilities.


With flexible product designs that perfectly blend in every environment, our projectors bring your story to life the way you intended to.

Video walls

The Barco LED and LCD video walls excel in reliability offering the best viewing experience under all conditions. 

Screen Management

A future-proof modular platform with growing feature set to support a wide variety of show configurations.