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Introducing TruePix

Be on top of your game with Barco’s premium, enterprise grade LED video wall, TruePix.

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Smart engineering

Ensuring predictable, truly seamless outcomes

Infinipix Gen 2 processing

Bringing content to life, as intended

Rock solid performance

Enabling smooth & reliable operations, 24/7

Service & connectivity

Bringing peace of mind and longevity

  • Unique mechanical concept for risk free, precise installation
  • Auto balancing to avoid mechanical stress or warping of display
  • Multi patented Smart Engineering for 100% seamlessness & flatness
  • Saves installation time and risk of damage
  • Unmatched viewing experience for all types of content
  • 23-bit processing for full dynamic range, in any brightness
  • Easy to install ensuring image seamless quality
  • Barco SteadyViewTM for reduced eye fatigue
  • Multi-level failover for uninterrupted data flows
  • EcoPower standby for limited carbon footprint
  • Patented technology for reliable operational efficiency
  • Upto 10 years of display uniformity and consistency
  • Cloud connectivity and videowall diagnostical software compatibility
  • Guaranteed batch compatibility for up to 10 years, with premium service offering

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Our videowall customers span industries, all around the globe.

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We know seeing is believing. That’s why we have created a series of introductory webinars to showcase the unique features and specific patents that make TruePix a gamechanger of a video wall. 

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