TruePix TP1.2-I

TruePix TP1.2‑I

1.2 mm pixel pitch, high-res indoor LED display

TruePix TP1.2‑I

1.2 mm pixel pitch, high-res indoor LED display

  • Smart engineering guarantees truly seamless outcomes
  • Higher brightness, less energy consumption
  • Smooth and efficient operations, 24/7
  • Superb color accuracy and contrast, under all lighting conditions
  • Reduced ecological footprint
  • Up to 10 years of dedicated service and support

TruePix TP1.2-I is Barco’s new flagship indoor high-resolution LED platform. The 27.5” inch tiles, with a 16:9 aspect ratio, have a pixel pitch of only 1.2 mm. TruePix is designed for control room, corporate and broadcast visualization applications and supports both environments exposed to ambient light and controlled lighting environments.

High brightness, low power consumption

The TP-I range benefits from the flip chip technology, making the individual LEDs more efficient. The result is higher brightness (over 1000 nit) at a lower power consumption. This further reduces the TCO and the ecological footprint - which was already low for the complete TruePix range compared to the competition.

Truly seamless outcomes

TruePix brings content to life as intended and ensures predictable, truly seamless outcomes, by combining smart engineering and Infinipix® Gen2, the next generation of Infinipix®. Smooth and efficient operations are guaranteed 24/7, next to full peace of mind.

Barco TruePix’ smart engineering introduces a unique mechanical concept for risk-free and precise installations, eliminating visual distortion. This unmatched seamlessness and flatness are achieved through guided module placement and self-leveling mounts. The next generation of Barco’s proprietary Infinipix® Gen2 guarantees full image integrity at any brightness level, together with superb color accuracy. It flexibly and automatically supports any content need while reducing eye fatigue.

Peace of mind at any time

Smooth and efficient operations are guaranteed 24/7 through uninterrupted data flows. Users can reduce the carbon footprint by using the EcoPower standby mode. Up to 10 years of dedicated service and support (ensuring a uniform viewing experience) to allow for peace of mind during the entire product lifetime.


Download spec sheet
LED tiles
Pixel pitch
1.27 mm
Pixel per module
480x270 (HxV)
Aspect ratio
LED lifetime
100,000h (video - 50% brightness)
>1800 nit
Peak brightness
>2300 nit
Internal processing
23 bit
Color depth
16 bit (281 trillion colors)
Infinipix® Gen2
Refresh rate @60Hz
7680 Hz
3D supported
Frame rate
24 - 240 Hz
Hor. viewing angle
160° +/- 5°
Vert. viewing angle
160° +/- 5°
Brightness uniformity
Power consumption
449 W/m² (max) 149 W/Tile
195 W/m² 41 W/Tile (typ)
<10 W/m² (standby)
Heat dissipation
1532 BTU/h/m² (max)
836 BTU/h/m² (typ)
Heat dissipation front/back
54% / 46%
Operation power voltage
AC power:
100-240V 50/60Hz
DC power:
Input: 36-55Vdc 16A (max.)
Output: 36-55Vdc 10.72A/36V (max.) or 12.55A/55V (max.)
Operational humidity
10 - 80%
Operational temperature
-10°C to +40°C / 14°F to 104°F
Storage temperature
-20°C to +60℃ / -4°F to 140° F
Storage humidity
10 - 85%
Power: Optional
Data: Standard Inter-tile redundancy, Embedded signal loop redundancy, Optional N + N redundancy
HLG / HDR10 supported
Concave curvature
Up to 5° standard curved tile (7m radius)
Up to 5° curved modular tile (3,5m radius)
Convex curvature
Up to 3° standard curved tile (12m radius)
Ceiling configurations supported?
(WxHxD) 609.92x343.08x71mm / 24.01"x13.5"x2.80"
Standard / curved tiles: 8.3kg/tile (single PSU) / 8.7kg/tile (dual PSU)
Modular curved tiles: 9.1kg/tile (single PSU) 9.5kg/tile (dual PSU)
Full front & full back service
Modular curved tile - Full front & full back service (PSU only back access)
Cable management
No external cabling
Self-leveling with surface tolerance compensation
Module replacement
Automated parallel motorized extraction
Module placement
Guided module placement
SteadyView™ driver algorithm to reduce eye fatigue
TAA Compliancy
3 years
EssentialCare Service offering
10 years with LED batch compatible modules

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