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LED XT series

    • 27” tiles in 16:9 aspect ratio 
    • Powered by Barco’s InfinipixTM
    • Easy to use, install and maintain
    • Maximized product uptime

Barco’s XT series is specifically designed to offer premium quality to a broad audience and provide a reliable solution for a wider range of indoor LED applications.

27” tiles

With each tile having a 27” diagonal in a 16:9 aspect ratio, it is natural to create native Full HD or UHD screens. This allows displaying video in the most common formats in full, without distortion or unused canvas.

Introducing 4 models, with pixel pitches of 0.9, 1.2, 1.5 and 1.9 mm, the XT series offers customers a superior viewing experience without limitations in size.

24/7 reliability

Barco’s InfinipixTM ensures constant image quality and guarantees perfect color and grey scale levels for all ambient lighting conditions. What’s more, the unique LED processing platform provides all necessary features to maximize the uptime of your installation, including integrated dual data redundancy.

All XT series displays are backed by a three-year standard product warranty. For additional peace of mind, customers can sign up for a maintenance contract.


The Assisted Module Extraction and the full frontal accessibility make sure that the tiles can be easily removed for maintenance or replacement, with a reduced risk of pixel damage. 
The camera-supported seam compensation technology ensures easy alignment.

Application areas

For truly spectacular and creative displays

Where reliability and flexible dimming capabilities are key

Present new 3D designs with perfect colors and contrast levels

Create an experience your viewers will never forget

The ideal solution for larger boardrooms, even in full of daylight

Create architectural digital canvases in your high-end home

To stand out and catch customers’ attention

Create an attractive visualization to inform and entertain your guests

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