Barco Browse app

Barco Browse app

Central control hub for Barco products with web interface

Barco Browse is your central control hub for Barco devices with a web interface on a Local Area Network - from projectors, to image processors, to switchers, and beyond.

Barco Browse searches the Local Area Network, provides a curated list of all Barco devices on the LAN, and then gives you instant control of their functions via their built-in web interface. Your iPad then becomes the nexus for your Barco-based production setup.

Simply start Barco Browse on your iPad and it will detect all Barco devices on your Local Area Network automatically. Once the devices appear in the Devices List, select the one you want to control. After that, its web interface appears to give you full access to the device's parameters. 


Barco Browse also serves as a first-level diagnostic tool by indicating whether devices are incorrectly configured for the network or aren't powered on.

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