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This product is no longer available.

All good things come to an end. This product is no longer available but our R&D teams have created newer ones with better specs. Click through for details.

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About FSN series

Barco's FSN series is a high-resolution 3G enabled switcher that combines advanced multi-format production and presentation switching in one highly integrated unit. The FSN integrates input conversion, multi-viewing, digital video effects and output conversion into a single 6 RU chassis.

Full integration

By seamlessly integrating multiple video and computer graphics formats on a common platform, the FSN series provides a streamlined package that's modular, easy to operate, and easy on your budget. The FSN allows control of two full mixer-effect (M/E) busses from its control panel as well as the program mixer. Additional auxiliary output cards can be installed for up to 16 AUX outputs, 8 additional mixers, or multi-format outputs and blending.

Available models

The FSN-1400 ships with the System and Mixer/Effects cards pre-installed in the chassis. Additional cards are added to the FSN-1400 to meet the specific application requirements. In addition to the user defined custom configurations, the FSN-1400 is available from the factory in five pre-configurable models: 

  • FSN3G-1802: FSN-1400 with 1xNIC, 5xUIC, 2xDVE, MVR, 1xUOC, 1xNAC
  • FSN3G-1804: FSN-1400 with 1xNIC, 5xUIC, 2xDVE, MVR, 2xUOC
  • FSN3G-2002: FSN-1400 with 1x NIC, 6x UIC, 2x DVE, MVR, 1x UOC, 1x NAC
  • FSN3G-2004: FSN-1400 with 1x NIC, 6x UIC, 2x DVE, MVR, 2x UOC
Additional custom configurations are available from the factory (BTO) upon customer request.

In addition to the FSN-150 controller, the FSN-1400 can be controlled from the FSN-GC, a graphical interface program that can run from a Windows or Mac PC. The FSN-GC can run standalone or in parallel with the FSN-150 providing backup capability to the system.
  • I/O compatibility with sources up to WUXGA (1920x1200)
  • Scalable and seamless canvas
  • number of layers in the device
  • downstream key
  • exceptional number of effects possible


  • Inputs:
    - Up to 40 native SDI inputs
    - Up to 12 scalable inputs (SDI/analog/DVI
    - Color correction for all inputs
    - Dedicated DSK cut and fill inputs
  • Outputs
    - Up to 40 native SDI
    - Up to 6 universal (SDI/Analog/DVI)
  • Four 2D-DVE channels
    - PIPs with borders and shadows
    - Keyframe effects with shot-box
    - Flip, freeze, variable strobe and color effects
    - Scalable key cut and fill
    - Cropping and resizing
  • Integrated 16-channel multiviewer
  • Four keyers and DSK
  • 2.5 M/E control with a compact console
  • Advanced memory section with “Enables”
  • 3G HDSDI ready
  • Less than 3 lines delay for native sources
  • Control panel with production switcher layout
  • Windows and Mac GUI control
  • Hot-swappable active cards and fan tray
  • Multiscreen and widescreen support
  • Internal widescreen blending support
  • Seamless AUX switching
  • FSN-1400 dual redundant power supplies

FSN cards


FSN specifications

FSN series

FSN-150 Compact Controller
FSN-1400 Video Processing Chassis

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