AV-to-IP encoder for the digital operating room with VGA & CVBS or VGA & S-Video

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About MNA-120 ENC ANA

Barco's MNA series comprises adapters to encode and decode video, data and other information (e.g. control signals) to and from IP streams. These medically certified adapters ensure overall connectivity and support for current and legacy video sources. Automated device detection eliminates the need for user interventions when setting up the operating room.

Conversion to IP

The MNA encoders take in baseband video and non-video data and convert these to IP streams for transportation over a standard high-bandwidth IP network. The MNA decoders reconvert these raw IP packets to DVI video signals and other signals such as USB. End-to-end latency is amazingly short and is guaranteed not to exceed a single frame (< 15 ms).

The medical-grade MNA adapters offer:

  • AV-to-IP conversion at the imaging source
  • Complete connectivity for current and legacy video sources in the operating room, cath lab or interventional suite
  • Support for non-video traffic (e.g. keyboard, mouse and audio)
  • Easy integration via central API provided by Barco's NMS 1.0 software
  • Smooth setup and ease of use



  • Full auto-detection of all devices, no end-user intervention required for setup and use
  • Full API to control all functionalities and solve network and configuration complexities – Barco Nexxis NMS 1.0
  • Provides advanced image processing capabilities such as de-interlacing, scaling, overlaying, color conversion
  • Secure decryption and encryption of all data
  • Status LEDs for simple identification of key parameters


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