MNA-240 decoder

4K IP-to-AV adapter for the OR and Hybrid OR

  • AV-to-IP and IP-to-AV conversion
  • Up to 4K resolution
  • Medical-grade
This product is an option of the following products
MDSC-8258, Nexxis, Nexxis WorkSpot

About MNA-240 decoder

The MNA-240 decoder converts RAW IP packets into DVI video signals and other signals such as audio and USB. End-to-end latency is amazingly short and is guaranteed not to exceed a single frame (< 15 ms). The video streams that are distributed over the Nexxis network can go up to a resolution of 4K.

The medical-grade MNA-240 adapter offers:
  • IP-to-AV conversion at the endpoint
  • Seamless integration with Barco's 4K surgical displays
  • Support for non-video traffic (e.g. keyboard, mouse and audio) via USB connectivity
  • Easy integration via central API provided by the Nexxis OR Management Suite NMS
  • Quad-view video composition
  • Streaming of FHD and UHD video composition into the network
The MNA-240 adapters are part of Barco’s Nexxis solution, which provides users with uncompromised networked visualization for the digital operating room. The compact Nexxis AV-to-IP adapters offer simplicity and flexibility while maintaining the highest possible performance standards and fitness for use in high-demanding medical environments.


Key features of the Nexxis MNA-240 DEC are: 
  • 4K video output
  • Quad-view composition with up to 4 FHD video streams
  • Network stream-back of FHD video composition
  • 4K Transcoding enabled by SW license
  • WorkSpot functionality enabled by SW license
  • Nexxis Plug&Play via NMS
  • Provides advanced image processing capabilities such as de-interlacing, scaling, overlaying, color conversion

MNA-240 decoder

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