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The procedure below explains how to use the extended desktop functionality using the ClickShare Desktop App on your Windows PC.


To share only a specific application instead of your whole desktop or to make sure no other information can become visible other than what you explicitly shared, please refer to Sharing application using ClickShare Desktop App on how to use Application Sharing with the ClickShare Desktop App on both Windows and Mac, without the need to install the Extension Pack.


To view your presenter notes whilst sharing a PowerPoint presentation, please refer to How to use Presenter mode? on how to use Presenter mode with the ClickShare Desktop Application on both Windows and Mac, without the need to install the extension pack.


Make sure the ClickShare Extension pack is installed on your laptop/computer prior to using the ClickShare extended desktop functionality. The ClickShare Extension Pack is available for download here.

  1. Launch the ClickShare Desktop App and select your meeting room from the list.
    Enter the 4-digit pin code if prompted, the pin code is shown on the meeting room screen.
  2. Enable ClickShare as your Extended desktop: Click the 'quick button' top right in the ClickShare application, and toggle the "Extended desktop" option in the menu.

    When doing so, the extended desktop sign will appear on the top right corner of the virtual Button (white circle on the right)

  3. Click the virtual Button (white ring) to share your virtual extended desktop to the meeting room screen.


Last updated Sep 29 2022

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