How to install QAWeb

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Install MediCal QAWeb in 3 easy steps

New to Barco's QAWeb? Installing and using QAWeb is very easy. Follow this guide for easy and quick installation of QAWeb.

3 easy steps:

  1. Prepare
  2. Install
  3. Connect & verify

If you don't know what MediCal QAWeb is, read all about it on the product page.

Three QAWeb components

The MediCal QAWeb system is built around three main components:

  1. The MediCal QAWeb Agent, which is taking care of all calibration and QA activity at workstation and display level, in a transparent way. 
  2. The MediCal QAWeb Server, which is a server hosted by Barco. It is available on the internet via a secured connection and with a digital certificate. It is not possible to browse through the live QAWeb Server using the HTTP protocol.
  3. The MediCal QAWeb Relay, which is the heart of the security handling within your facility.

1. Prepare

Good preparation is key to a successful QAWeb installation. Make sure you have prepared the following:

  1. Download the installers (check here, where to find them).
  2. Prepare the network for the installation of QAWeb Relay and the communication with QAWeb Agents (see the attached 'Install sheet MediCal QAWeb Relay' document).
  3. Sign up to QAWeb Server.
  • For a successful sign up of your hospital/facility, fill in all the fields on a sign up page. While doing that, you will come across the field, which is requesting a service provider code (see the following KB article how to find it).
  • Check your inbox for the confirmation email and follow the instructions in it for sign up completion. 

After successful sign up of your hospital/facility, you can easily organize your workstations by departments (see here how to do that) to have clearer and more organized structure on QAWeb server.

2. Install

After completing the sign up process, you will receive an email. Store the provided relay code for the QAWeb Relay installation, which will be your next step. 

Installation process:
  • Install QAWeb Relay in the network (see the attached 'Install sheet MediCal QAWeb Relay' document).
  • Install QAWeb Agents to connect automatically to QAWeb Relay (see the process of doing that here).

3. Connect and verify

After completing the installation process make sure to:

  • Accept all workstations on QAWeb Server by login in with your user credentials. 
Make sure that the QAWeb Agent user interface is closed on the workstation before proceeding with accepting the workstations! 
  • Verify afterward on QAWeb Server if all workstations have their displays visible and if test reports have come in (see here where to find the reports).



Last updated Jul 19, 2023