How to use AirPlay on ClickShare from iOS

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This KB article describes how you can share from your iOS (iPhone or iPad) devices to ClickShare using AirPlay.

Depending on the way the ClickShare Base Unit is installed in your company, different actions will be required to be able to share via AirPlay to the ClickShare Base Unit.

  1. Base Unit connected to the network
  2. Base Unit not connected to the network (i.e. standalone)

Barco strongly recommends that you connect the Base Unit to the network and that you always keep your Base Units up to date. For more information on different network setups, see [KB7931] or the ClickShare Network Deployment Whitepaper in the Downloads section below.


To know if your specific Base Unit supports the use of AirPlay, please see [KB7843] for a detailed overview of which Base Unit supports which AirPlay version. Also, ensure to keep your Base Unit up to date to make sure that the latest AirPlay version is supported on your Base Unit.


If you are looking to find information on how to use AirPlay on macOS, please see [KB6410].

How to use AirPlay on ClickShare when the Base Unit is on the network?

  1. Open the AirPlay interface on your iOS device and click the Screen Mirroring button

  2. Select your ClickShare Base Unit.


    If the desired Base Unit does not appear in the list, please refer to the ClickShare Network Deployment guide for all information and troubleshooting. The ClickShare Network Deployment white paper can be found in the Downloads section of this article. To share your screen, please refer to the next section in this KB.

  3. Your screen will now be mirrored to your ClickShare, potentially after having entered the pincode shown on the screen.

How to use AirPlay on ClickShare when the Base Unit is standalone or when not integrated into the network?

Video tutorial


On iOS devices, you can mirror your screen to your ClickShare app by following these steps:

  1. Connect to the Base Unit's Wi-Fi (default is ClickShare-xxx or the meeting room name).

    Connect to ClickShare Wi-Fi:
        - Go to settings, select Wi-Fi 
        - Choose “ClickShare-xxx” or the meeting room name 
        - Enter the password (default is clickshare)

    For more detailed information on how to connect to the ClickShare's Wi-Fi, see [KB8045].

    Note that by connecting to the ClickShare Wi-Fi, you will lose your internet connection or will switch to a 3/4/5G connection if your device supports it. As indicated in the ClickShare Security White paper and for your and your enterprise's security, ClickShare Base Units do not bridge networks to enable connectivity to devices connected to its Access Point.

  2. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open Control Center and click the Screen Mirroring button.

  3. Select your ClickShare Base Unit.

  4. Your screen will now be mirrored to your ClickShare, potentially after having entered the pincode shown on the screen.

You can also share from within a specific app like for example Photos. For this, find and click this icon at the bottom of the application.

In the next window, click AirPlay and select your ClickShare Base Unit.


Last updated Jul 29 2022

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