Compatibility Matrix: Which Barco display models are compatible with the Intuitive Workflow Tools (IWT)

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Barco’s Intuitive Workflow Toolset (IWT) has been designed to increase the visibility of subtle details, improve focus during reading sessions, and accelerate workflow. It’s how we help radiologists work smarter, not harder.

However, not all IWT are compatible with all displays. The following information will provide an overview of compatible IWT per display model

Note: not all IWT are available in every region. Please refer to FAQ: MXRT display driver 'Core' version versus 'Diagnostic' version for further information.

Preview of the IWT Compatibility Matrix:



Info: For complementary information about the functionality of Barco's IWT, feel free to download the attached Barco_IntuitiveWorkFlowTools_QuickStartGuide and Display Controller and Intuitive Workflow Tools User Guide or click here  


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Last updated Sep 13, 2022