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ClickShare Desktop App is a software client for Windows and Mac computers. This app gives you more flexibility and a new way of sharing your content. You can easily connect and share content in a meeting room. Simply download and install the app without administrator rights, connect to a meeting room in your vicinity, and share your content with one click.
ClickShare Desktop App works with all the ClickShare Base Units: CX/C series with firmware version 2.10 or higher, CS(E)-series with firmware version 1.07 or higher and CSC-1/CSM-1 when used in combination with a ClickShare Button. It works perfectly together and in sync with the ClickShare Button.

Note: ClickShare Desktop App works seamlessly on both Windows and MacOS operating systems with your ClickShare Base Unit. For details regarding supported operating systems, see the specifications sheet of your Base Unit (how-to: see KB 9359).

Click here to download the ClickShare Desktop App for Windows and Mac.

Installing ClickShare Desktop App:

To install, simply double-click the ClickShare_Setup file and follow the on-screen instructions.

To install the MSI package of the ClickShare Desktop App (how to: see KB 8156 for version 4.28 and higher and KB 2531 for version 4.27.2 and below). The installation of the MSI package is recommended for large-scale deployments or for organizations where users are not allowed to install any software on their computers.
Alternatively, Microsoft SCCM can also be used to deploy MSI package (how to: see KB 2190).

Note: By default, the ClickShare Desktop App updates itself if it is already installed on your laptop.

Using ClickShare Desktop App:


  • Sharing content from your laptop to the meeting room display (how to: see KB 2607).
  • Advanced sharing: This feature allows you to work separately on your laptop while being sharing your content to the meeting room display at the same time.
    • Sharing a specific window or application (how to: see KB 2384).
    • View speaker notes on your laptop while sharing slides on the meeting room display (how to: see KB 2386).  
  • Extended desktop: This function creates a virtual second desktop for you which will then be shared. As such, the meeting room display becomes a second screen to your personal computer, for details see KB 2588 for details.
  • Wireless conferencing with ClickShare Desktop App i.e. Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) to any ClickShare Conference enabled meeting room, see KB 2073 for details.


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Last updated May 14, 2024