Does the ClickShare extended desktop work on macOS X?

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The ability to create a virtual second desktop is currently not available on macOS when using the ClickShare Button or ClickShare mobile app, but can be achieved when using the Airplay functionality of the macOS to share your macOS screen to a ClickShare device supporting Airplay casting. 


If you want to use this functionality to see presenter notes when presenting a Powerpoint presentation, we refer to the Presentation mode in the ClickShare Desktop application: see [KB10950]

How to create a virtual desktop using Airplay with ClickShare?

You can use an extended desktop on macOS by sharing to the ClickShare Base Unit via Airplay. Toggle the "Use As Separate Display" to use the ClickShare Base Unit as a virtual second display when sharing through Airplay.


Detailed instructions on how to share the macOS screen to your ClickShare Base Unit via Airplay can be found here [KB6410].


To know if your specific Base Unit supports the use of Airplay, please see [KB7843] for a detailed overview of which Base Unit supports which Airplay version. 


Last updated Jun 14 2022

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