Tips to troubleshoot issues when plugging a ClickShare button into my laptop

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Use the LED indicator of the ClickShare Button to start troubleshooting these issues.

  1. When the LED indicator is not lighting up at all (a.k.a. off), try this Button on another laptop.
    1. When the LED indicator is lighting up on the other laptop, this points in the direction of the USB port of the original laptop.
    2. When the LED indicator is again not lighting up, this points in the direction of a defective ClickShare Button. Please submit an RMA with your reseller or with Barco (how to: see KB 4028).
  2. When the LED indicator keeps blinking white, this indicates that the Button is failing to start the ClickShare App. This typically points that your IT department enabled a restriction policy or that an anti-virus software restricts access to the ClickShare Button. 
    1. When no ClickShare drive appears in “My Computer” (Windows) or “Finder” (Mac), this indicates that the USB port is blocked.
      Note (Windows only): Try running the USB Oblivion, this is a tool that will clear the USB cache. The computer will act like it's the first time the Button is plugged in. To be noted, don't forget to backup the .reg files in USB Oblivion.
    2. When you manually double click on the application from the mass storage device, and the operating system shows an error message explaining that the program cannot be started, this indicates that there are restrictions in place preventing these.

    Note: These security measures are usually controlled by your IT department and can be changed at your request; that is, your IT department can whitelist the ClickShare Button. Once your IT department has approved the product, security settings can be updated, and the product can be used.

  3. When the LED indicator keeps spinning in a white circle, the button cannot connect to the paired Base Unit. This typically indicates to a network connectivity issue, see KB 5431 for further details.
  4. When the LED indicator is in a different state, and you still encounter issues, please log a ticket with Barco (how to: see KB 6024), describing the symptom and attach the ClickShare Base Unit logs (how to: see KB 4112).

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Last updated Feb 21, 2024