Color compliance test fails on MDNC-6121 when connected to NVidia or other 3rd party display controller

Article number: [5141] - Legacy code: [7974]

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An MDNC-6121 display connected to for instance an NVidia, standard ATI or Intel display controller fails the color compliance test, despite calibrating the display. This can, for instance, on QAWeb Server lead to the following error message:

Note: Should you experience this issue, even though you are connected to a Barco MXRT display controller, then the following article may provide you a solution: [KB6425]

Root cause

The SteadyColorTM calibration generates a 3D Lookup-Table matrix which, for this product must be stored in the display controller rather than in the display. For this, Barco has written specific drivers for its MXRT display controllers. Therefore this color calibration functionality on this particular display model is only available in combination with a Barco MXRT display controller.


Two possible solutions can be proposed:

  1. Connect the display(s) to a Barco MXRT display controller, redo the calibration and then redo the color compliance test.
  2. Disable the color compliance test in QAWeb Agent or on QAWeb Server.


Last updated Jun 14, 2022