How to pair ClickShare Buttons?

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ClickShare Buttons can be paired by connecting the Button to the Base Unit:

  1. Insert the Button to the USB port of the Base Unit you are using:
    • CX-20/30/50 and C-5/10: any USB ports available on the Base Unit
    • CS-100(Huddle), CSE-200(+) and CSE-800: any USB ports available on the Base Unit
    • CSC-1 and CSM-1: USB port available at the front of the Base Unit
    • CB Core/Pro: USB-C port on the right side of the Base Unit


    For the CX-series and C-series Buttons:
    The LED ring will start filling up to show the progress of the process. In the meantime, the Base Unit LED will be blinking.

    For the other Buttons:
    Approximately 7 seconds after inserting the Button, both the LEDs of the Button and the LEDs of the Base Unit will blink white. This means pairing is in progress.

    When using a USB-C Button in combination with a Base Unit which does not have a USB-C connector, a USB-A male to USB-C female connector is required for pairing with the Base Unit. The connector is not included in the box and needs to be purchased in a local store.

    CSE-200+ and the CX-50 have a USB-C connector at the back.

    CX-20/30 and C-5/10 have a USB-C connector at the front.
  2. Wait until the LEDs stop flashing.
    When the Button LEDs become steady white or green, the Button is paired to the Base Unit and the software has been updated.
    Note that the Base Unit LED can be either steady white or blinking.  In the case of CB Core/Pro, it will blinking green.
    In case the Button LED is flashing red, an error has occurred, see KB 4022 for details on the Button LED behaviour.
  3. Unplug the Button from the Base Unit.
    The Button is now ready for use.

Useful information

By pairing the Buttons with the Base Unit, you link the Button to the Base Unit so that it only connects with that Base Unit.
Two different actions will be undertaken by the system when pairing a Button:

  1. Transfer connection information (e.g. the network to connect to, SSID of the Base Unit, IP address of the Base Unit) as well as configuration information (availability of peripheral endpoints in the Button). 
  2. Update the Button firmware and the ClickShare application on the Button to the latest version.

Once the Button is paired with a Base Unit, updating the configuration information and installing the latest firmware/software on the Button is done in the backend when the Button is in use. This means that once the Button is paired with the Base Unit, one does not need to re-pair the Button each time a new firmware version is installed on the Base Unit. This will happen automatically without disturbing the end-user. When changing connectivity information (e.g. SSID) of the Base Unit or when you want to use the Buttons with another Base Unit, re-pairing the Buttons with the Base Unit is required.

Please be aware that not all Buttons can be used with all Base Units. As a general rule, Buttons will only work within their family of products. All information on which specific Button works with which specific Base Unit and how to find out which type of Button or Base Unit you have, see KB 3998.

How to videos:

See the videos below for the instructions how to pair the Buttons manually with ClickShare CS-100(Huddle), CSE-200(+), CSE-800, CX-20/30/50 and C-5/10 Base Units.

CS-100(Huddle), CSE-200(+) and CSE-800

CX-20/30/50 and C-5/10


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Last updated May 8, 2024