Order and precedence of ClickShare App discovery

Article number: [7525]

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There are four processes to populate the discovered clients displayed by the ClickShare client, in this order.

  1. Wi-Fi beacon: The scanned Wi-Fi AP (Access Point) list required by the system's API includes RSSI and other information, such as wireless IP and Ethernet IP if available. 

  2. mDNS/SSDP: There may be some duplicated Base Units that are discovered by Wi-Fi beacons.

  3. Bluetooth beacon: Not supported on the ClickShare Desktop App side, but supported for the ClickShare mobile App. Broadcast Bluetooth beacons are used for AirPlay discovery (Bonjour).

  4. Ultrasound: The ultrasound beacon comes from one of the Base Units and shares the serial to determine the proximity of the base units. It still requires one of the previously mentioned discovery methods, Wi-Fi Beacon or mDNS/SSDP, to map the device with its corresponding network information in order to arrange the list based on proximity.


Last updated Jan 18, 2024