Troubleshooting firmware update on ClickShare Base Unit

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This article may help you if you are having difficulty updating the firmware on your ClickShare Base Unit. There could be a number of possible reasons, some of which are listed below: 


Base Unit is in deep standby mode

When the Base Unit goes in deep standby mode, it will shut down all processes, including the Wi-Fi access point and LAN connection. Restart the Base Unit and then update the firmware on it.

The required network ports are not open

If the process is failing to reach the update package online (i.e. during the automatic firmware update process), it might relate to not all required ports are open for downloading the firmware package. Check the required port settings in KB 4130 or the respective network guides (CX/C series and CS/CSE series) to make sure the correct ports are opened.

Alternatively, try to upload the firmware from a direct connection to the Base Unit or try to upload the file by connecting a USB stick to the Base Unit.

Corrupted or invalid firmware file caused by downloading the package

A corrupt or invalid file can cause a direct firmware update to fail. Make sure that you have downloaded the correct file that matches your ClickShare Base Unit and/or also make sure that the size of the downloaded file is equal to the one found on the Barco website. 
Try to download it again and check with the new downloaded file to exclude any file corruption.

Firmware update fails with XMS Edge in offline mode

When trying to update the individual Base Units from within XMS Edge in offline mode, the update will not be executed; the status remains ‘in progress’.


This is a known issue with XMS Edge 2.1.1 in offline mode. The issue does not occur when using XMS (Virtual) Edge as a gateway to XMS Cloud.

Use the latest XMS Edge version (2.3.0 or newer - see KB 2400 for instructions on how to update XMS (Virtual) Edge) to update your Base Unit.

No internet/Weak Wi-Fi

A no internet connectivity or weak Wi-Fi can cause the firmware package download to stop.

Note: If you still have difficulty updating firmware on the ClickShare Base Unit, please contact Barco helpdesk by creating a ticket (how to: see KB 6024).

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Last updated Feb 23, 2024