How can I find out to which QAWeb display family (or display group) my displays belong?


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About display families (or groups)

Read the following article to learn why we have these families in QAWeb: [KB7977]

To which family does my display belong?

Follow the simple steps below to find out to which family your display belongs.

In QAWeb Agent

  1. Open QAWeb Agent
  2. Wait for all buttons to become available (they are grayed out when QAWeb Agent is detecting the configuration)
  3. Click on the 'Confguration' button
  4. Select the correct device (check the type)

On QAWeb Server

  1. Log in to QAWeb Server using your personal credentials.
  2. On the Facility overview page, click on 'Reports'.
  3. Click [Show] next to the 'Display report'.
  4. Sort by display type by clicking on the header of the table.
  5. For each distinct display type, click the 'Workstation' link to open the 'Workstation overview' page. (Tip: open multiple workstation overviews in a new tab for quick results)
  6. On the 'Workstation overview' page, scroll down to the correct display and locate the family there:



Last updated Nov 19 2018

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