Button LED ring behavior and explanation


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The LED ring indicates the current status.

LEDs behavior Explanation
white blinking
  • the Button is plugged in the laptop and initializing or waiting for the user to start the ClickShare application.
  • Pairing/software update of the Button in the Base Unit is in progress.
    More info, see KB [KB1269] "Why does the white light (the LED ring) keep flashing on the ClickShare button?"
static white
  • ClickShare is ready to start sharing your screen.
  • pairing is done. You can now unplug the Button from the Base Unit
static red
  • sharing your screen with the display.
  • pairing and software update is done. You can now unplug the Button from the Base Unit.
red blinking
  • an error occurred. 
    Please pair the button with the base unit. [KB3922]
    if this does not help please contact support.
off (no light)
  • the Button is not or not properly inserted into the USB port.
  • the Button might be defective.
  • the USB port or computer might be defective



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