Jun 12, 2024

ClickShare previews new smart camera and audio concept for an enhanced meeting experience

5 min read

Whether they join remotely or in the meeting room, all participants should clearly see and hear every aspect of a hybrid meeting. ClickShare makes sure everyone captures every angle of the conversation, wherever they are—with its brand-new, AI-powered, smart camera and audio switching concept. 

This week, during InfoComm 2024, ClickShare gives attendees a sneak peek into its latest concept. 

This allows your ClickShare device to use the laptop cameras of in-room participants alongside the room camera to capture and show remote participants multiple angles of the onsite group and meeting room.

The remote participants´ view switches from a full display of the meeting room to a focused view of the speaker(s), depending on how the conversation is unfolding.  

This way, attendees joining virtually get a better sense of the in-room atmosphere and group dynamics. The feature enables remote participants to notice those subtle non-verbal cues (such as face expressions and body language) they would otherwise miss. 

As for the audio aspect, in-room attendees now simply connect to the room system, and ClickShare's powerful AI handles the audio optimization automatically, delivering crisp and clear sound to remote participants.

Participants won´t have to mute themselves or adjust their audio settings. Nor will they be inconvenienced by echo or reverberation anymore.  

The result? A smoother, more inclusive and productive meeting experience for everyone involved. What´s not to love? 

The meeting participant experience has always been a focus point for ClickShare. Previous to this development, the 2022 launched smart meeting flows (our intent-based features for a better meeting flow), answered the call for an intuitive experience for onsite attendees: 

  • PresentSense is the ultrasound proximity detection that allows ClickShare to automatically connect to the meeting room when users walk in with their laptop.  
  • With HostFlow users can start a video meeting from their laptop with ease, as the ClickShare App automatically guides them as host or participant.  
  • ConferenceView shows both content and people on the room display, side by side, for the entirety of the meeting. 

With the smart camera and audio switching concept, we are expanding the ClickShare experience beyond the meeting room. We are transcending borders and reaching meeting participants in every home office, coworking space, coffee shop, airport or hotel lounge.

The concept is currently available only to a select group and will be publicly launched early next year.