Exceed expectations

Exciting RGB colors. Excellent native 4K quality.
Exceptional serviceability. Extra-ordinary experiences.

Building on our expertise with cinema projectors, the XDM and XDX will bring Hollywood-worthy experiences to theme parks and other visitor attractions.

From image quality to operational efficiency, the XDM and XDX exceed expectations in every sense. 

XDM-4K25 23,500 lumens (typical)
XDX-4K40 40,000 lumens (typical)
XDM-4K25 3x 0.98” DC4K TRP
XDX-4K40 3x 1.38” DC4K
XDM-4K25 native 4K: 4096 x 2160
XDX-4K40 native 4K: 4096 x 2160
Native Brightness
Digital MicroMirror Device
23,500 lumens (typical)
3x 0.98” DC4K TRP
native 4K: 4096 x 2160
40,000 lumens (typical)
3x 1.38” DC4K
native 4K: 4096 x 2160

The x-factor in your theme park

The high-brightness, 4K native resolution and color accuracy make the XDM and XDX the most cutting edge projectors out there. Designed and ready to make full use of evolving standards in the content creation community. And suited to themed entertainment applications that require, and make use of, the higher resolution and RGB color punch, to deliver crisper visuals with greater impact to create the memorable moments that keep visitors coming back for more.

RGB color punch

By design, RGB is a wide color gamut light source. RGB projectors can go to the theoretical single bandwidth gamut called Rec. 2020, which is currently the widest color space available. In addition, with Barco’s patent-pending ColorgenicTM technique, the XDM and XDX projectors maintain their high brightness levels when showing >98% of Rec. 2020 content. No compromises on the quality!

Next-level modularity for straight-forward servicing

The XDM and XDX were designed with the priorities of the owner/operator in mind. They provide consistently high performance over a long period of time with minimal interventions and servicing required. And if the unthinkable should happen, maintenance is both straight-forward and cost-effective. The projectors have easy to replace field-swappable modules, and even within the light source itself individual laser plates can be easily swapped on-site by your own crew with minimal training.


The new XDM and XDX can be managed through Barco’s cloud-based Insights Management platform with remote health condition monitoring which guarantees 24/7 uptime and increases the reliability of the installation.

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