FLDX 2.5 - 4.6 (EN64) lens

FLDX 2.5 ‑ 4.6 (EN64) lens

Long Zoom lens with encoders

FLDX 2.5 ‑ 4.6 (EN64) lens

Long Zoom lens with encoders


FLDX Lens 2.5 - 4.6 : 1 (EN64) - Long throw zoom lens for F40/70/90

The EN64 is an all-glass lens that is designed to optimize the image quality and performance of your projection product. The internal lens elements are carefully selected and coated to achieve the highest resolution performance and the coatings are furthermore optimized for night vision and IR transmission for training with Night Vision Goggles. The lens comes with encoders for accurate positioning of zoom, focus and iris.

Can also be used on the Barco Fx400-HR series with adapter.

Can also be used on the Barco F80-series with adapter and related software.


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General specifications
Working F/#
F 2.04-2.87 Motorized Iris F/2.04-6.0
Zoom ratio
1,85 Motorized zoom and focus
For Fx40, Fx70, F80 (require a lens adaptor - R98014421), F90 and Fx400 (requires a lens adapter - R9802623)
Throw Ratio
DMD chip 4K 2.19-4.05:1 WQXGA 2.50-4.63:1 WUXGA 2.33-4.32:1 TR: Front of lens, 111.4" @6m Image size tolerance +/- 2%
Focal length
49.52-91.6 mm
Focus Range
Standard: 2.5m-25m (Optical)
3.08 kg

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