How to activate SmartCare for my ClickShare Base Unit?

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SmartCare for ClickShare is activated by adding the ClickShare Base Unit into XMS Cloud ( and this within 6 months after the initial setup of the device.

This can be done in 3 ways:
  1. during the initial setup of the Base Unit (how to: see KB 1835).
  2. via the web Configuration of the Base Unit (how to: see below).
  3. uploading the device token(s) in XMS Cloud (how to: see KB 2287).

Instructions to add a ClickShare Base Unit to XMS Cloud via the web Configurator of the Base Unit.

  1. Surf to the web Configurator of the Base Unit (how to: see KB 2324).
  2. Navigate to System > XMS (on Base Units with firmware version prior to 2.6, navigate to Wi-Fi & Network > Services > XMS Cloud Integration).
  3. In the XMS Cloud section (see screenshot above), you find the Device Token needed to register you unit (take note of it, you will need it in the next step).
    • Your ClickShare Base Unit must have been connected to the internet (and XMS Cloud) to be able to see the token.
    • The token itself remains valid for a period of 6 months after first time setup of the device.
  4. Browse to and follow the instructions in the XMS cloud setup wizard to add your device.

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Last updated Aug 30, 2023