Where can I find the password for my ClickShare Base Unit Wi-Fi and ClickShare Configurator?

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The default password for the ClickShare Base Unit Wi-Fi and ClickShare Configurator is:

ItemPasswordWhere to use (representational only)
ClickShare Configurator*admin
* The default username is admin.
Warning! Barco strongly recommends changing the default Wi-Fi and ClickShare Configurator password. Both passwords can be reset in the ClickShare Configurator of the Base Unit, ask your IT administrator to reset them.
For information on changing the default password, refer to your ClickShare Base Unit installation manual here (How to: KB 9362).

When setting a custom password, please keep in mind that only ASCII characters are supported and that the passwords are case sensitive.

In case you forget or lost the Base Unit Wi-Fi/ClickShare Configurator password:

  1. Please contact your IT administrator to provide it or reset it.
  2. Reset the ClickShare Base Unit to its factory default settings, this will restore the default password for both Wi-Fi and ClickShare Configurator.
    ModelHow to
    C-5/10 and CX-20/30/50KB 2327
    CS-100 (Huddle)/CSE-200(+)/CSE-800KB 2937
    CSC-1KB 2942
    CSM-1KB 2944

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Last updated Nov 20, 2023