Tips to troubleshoot the ClickShare Button not pairing

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If your ClickShare Button fails to pair, this will be indicated by either of the following signals:

  • LED of the Button is flashing red
  • Message "Pairing and update failed" is shown on the Base Unit screen
  • Button update seems to take much longer than usual

In case any of the above signals are present, the following actions can help you troubleshoot the problem:

  1. Ensure the Button compatibility with your ClickShare Base Unit model. See KB 3998 for detailed information on compatibility between Base Units and Buttons. In case you purchased the wrong Button, please contact your point of sale.
  2. Give sufficient time for the Button update to complete. When pairing the Button for the first time or after an update, the Button will update its own firmware. This can take a couple of minutes, please allow sufficient time. As long as no errors are reported, it might still be updating in the background (even if the progress bar does not advance). When this process takes more than 5 minutes, something might be wrong. For details on Button firmware update, see KB 9769.
  3. In case none of the above holds true or hardware failure is suspected, please log a ticket with Barco (how-to see KB 6024), describing the symptom & attach the ClickShare Base Unit logs.

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Last updated Nov 30, 2023