Barco allies with other top players in their fields of expertise to build the best solutions available. Are you looking to find a vendor of products, solutions or services that have been validated to work with ClickShare Conference? Enter a search term or use the filter below to check out which solutions have been thoroughly tested to work seamlessly together with ClickShare Conference.

Interoperability levels explained:

Certified: These devices are validated through our partnership program by both Barco and the partner every time we release a firmware version.

Compatible: These devices have been tested by our compatible partners and have been found to work.

Community tested: These devices have been reported to work by one of our customers or channel partners, however no guarantee or support is given by Barco when issues would arise.


More information can be found here

If the peripheral is not mentioned by name, there is still a great chance that it works. However no guarantee or support is given by Barco for these devices