What are the benefits of BYOM in hybrid meetings?

BYOM, just another acronym? No, not quite. It's actually a natural extension of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in the workplace. While working and collaborating via your own tablet, mobile or laptop is quite common practise in enterprises nowadays, the entrance of BYOM marks the beginning of a new, more dynamic workplace experience.

With BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) you adopt a more hudde-like, unplanned way of working. You use your own device to host a video conference. Of course, using your preferred conferencing solution (e.g. Microsoft Teams, Webex, Zoom and many more). And at the same time you are benefiting from the available audio and video peripherals of the meeting space you are in. You choose to ignore the existing meeting room equipment provided by IT to connect remote participants.

Move over BYOD, here comes BYOM

BYOM makes conferencing, collaboration & presentation part of a more informal, ad hoc and less structured workstyle, currently trending in enterprises all over the globe.

BYOM is expanding rapidly and three factors are driving this trend:

  1. You are more productive when you use your own devices at work
  2. You prefer a particular conferencing solution – one with an intuitive user experience that appeals to you or fits most closely with how you like to work. The selection of the UC&C platform is not your choice. It has been set up by a vendor, supplier, or other partner and you "NEED" to use it.
  3. You avoid using equipment that you don’t understand or find difficult to operate

Get ready for a Digital Workplace 

A smart way of working

With trends like remote working, flexible office designs, a younger workforce entering business life, optimizing workplace productivity has becoming even more challenging. Solutions can be found in the rise in digital tools & tech. Embracing BYOM helps drive your Digital workplace Strategy into a efficient, effective future of work. Move over BYOD, here comes BYOM! We discovered BYOM as a fundamental dynamic in meeting presentation and collaboration, in our research: The Future of Meetings. 

Why go for BYOM in your company? 

Personal empowerment should be at the heart of the workplace. BYOM can be that solution for videoconferencing.

67% of people use their own devices at work


ClickShare Conference is a tech-agnostic solution. Working with Windows or Mac, with your UC platform of choice, with your meeting room solutions.

87% of companies expect the employee to access mobile business apps from personal smartphones

With ClickShare Apps, you can bring the device you prefer to meetings. Smart automated meeting flows make the experience intuitive and stress-free.

Employees save 58 minutes per day and increase productivity by 34% by using own mobile devices

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ClickShare Conference and BYOM: the perfect match

With Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) you take the great meeting experience you are familiar with, when you join a conference call at your desk and bring it to any meeting room or huddle space. The smart, intent-based meeting flows  powered by the ClickShare App make hybrid meetings intuitive. 

ClickShare Conference puts an end to frictions that you currently experience with hybrid video conferences: 

  1. You need to move rooms, but still want to remain in your existing video call and benefit from AV equipment in the respective rooms.
  2. You don't know how to use the different meeting room equipment. Set ups can differ hugely from room to room. There' s no uniform user experience.
  3. You are forced to use different UC&C solutions e.g. in a call with a client or supplier. And not all work seamlessly with existing meeting room equipment.

ClickShare Conference helps you to reduce cost: 

  1. There is no need for expensive meeting room software licenses
  2. No need to buy proprietary hardware and software to integrate a specific conferencing solution
  3. Save on time wasted waiting to setup meeting room equipment. We reduce setup times from 7 minutes to 7 seconds

Walk in, automatically connect to the meeting room (PresentSense). No cables, no mess. ClickShare guides you as a host or participant (HostFlow) in any UC&C platform. Start the meeting from your personal calendar with a single click (One-Click-Join). Share your presentation, keep track of remote participant's video, side by side (ConferenceView). Share just an application window and keep everything else private. Free your laptop for note taking. 

ClickShare Conference makes this process seamless and effortless.  In just 7 seconds all connections to USB conferencing peripherals are made in the meeting room without the need to stop a session already underway with a given device.   At Barco, we believe that our range of ClickShare Conference, a portfolio of wireless conferencing products, delivers on the true promise of BYOM and extends a richer collaboration experience to both in-room and remote meeting participants anywhere in an enterprise to anyone, anywhere in the world.

The laptop remains the number one tool to host videocalls for 70% of people.
Outlook for the post-covid workplace research. ClickShare 2021

ClickShare Conference, the missing link for your business

Simple, easy, wireless. That’s how you run better hybrid meetings from your laptop with ClickShare Conference in any meeting space. The agnostic wireless room solution in your hybrid workplace guides you to intuitive, stress-free meetings with smart meeting flows.  

Automatically connect to the meeting room (PresentSense ultrasound proximity detection) or plug in a Button.  

ClickShare guides you as a host or participant (HostFlow). Start the meeting from your personal calendar with a single click (One-Click-Join) using your preferred video conferencing software (Microsoft TeamsWebex by CiscoZoom, Google Meet). Get started with our wireless conference system within seconds, without the hassle of physically connecting cables and adapters.  

Share your presentation, keep track of remote participant’s video, side by side (ConferenceView). Share full screen or application window, while keeping your laptop screen private for note taking. When you end the call, the meeting room becomes a digital signage display.

Have one and the same great user experience with the ClickShare Button and  ClickShare App for the next virtual meeting on your agenda, no matter if you are an employee or a guest.

Use your display for digital signage content when not used for presenting or conferencing.

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