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ClickShare Present, the wireless presentation hub, truly makes hybrid collaboration flow in  meeting rooms that feature an existing conferencing system. Gone are the cable struggles to share from your laptop in a Microsoft Teams or Zoom Room. Gone is the hassle of enabling guests and visitors to join the conversation. Gone is the mess of having a hard time connecting your laptop to the room system. With ClickShare Present, you can share presentations in an easy, user-friendly and hassle-free way, without having to fiddle around with wires, cables and adapters. 

Connectivity makes all the difference in the modern business world. ClickShare Present, as a presentation tool to your fixed conference room set-up, helps you to ensure true team chemistry and connection within your company. Teams are working in close partnership, facilitated by enhanced, interactive wireless collaboration. It's all about ease-of-use. You walk into the room, open up your laptop or unlock your smartphone and you're ready to start collaborating. All it takes, is one click.


The answer is ClickShare Present

BYOD support

It’s compatible with any device. Laptops can connect via the Button of Desktop App, while smartphones and tablets can connect via Mobile Apps or screen mirroring (AirPlay, Google Cast or Miracast).

Free and easy updates

ClickShare has regular free updates and several tools at your disposal to help maintain the quality and security of your meeting collaboration hardware. SmartCare available

ISO 27001 certified

As first wireless collaboration technology to obtain ISO 27001 Certification, we commit to the right processes and structures for the highest international security standards.

Management dashboard

Managing ClickShare across your business is simple with our XMS (Cloud) Management Platform.

Interactivity and collaboration

Discover the set of advanced interactivity features of our C-10 to boost your meeting collaboration: touch back support, annotation and blackboarding.

Network integration

Whether you want to connect one unit to the network via ethernet or create a dedicated VLAN for all ClickShare units, you can integrate seamlessly with your network.

What is ClickShare Present and what does it do?

Wireless presentation with ClickShare Present allows for intuitive, easy-to-use presentation and collaboration in a fixed conference room or as a standalone. Our wireless display collaboration platform allows participants to bring their own devices without having to physically link them using cables (HDMI, VGA...) and adapters, providing valuable flexibility in addition to convenience. The connection from laptop to TV, display, projector is wireless. Content sharing can be done with Button, App or screen mirroring (which offers different cast screen solutions like AirPlay, Google Cast or Miracast)

The ClickShare Present range, as well as supporting professional presentation software, comes equipped with a host of features to help you and your team get more out of your presentations, encouraging closer collaboration and allowing for a more engaging experience all around.

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Why ClickShare is a perfect match for you?

Meetings, you either love or hate them. Still, there is no way to get around them. Now, more than ever, meeting rooms are the place where decisions are taken, creativity bursts and real teamwork comes to life.

So, why not look at tech investments that increase productivity and efficiency of hybrid meetings and empower in-room and remote participants to feel equally engaged.

ClickShare offers wireless collaboration technology that is designed for you and your company. Discover how we can help you

The beauty of Button and App

The ClickShare Conferencing Button and ClickShare App work together to deliver a rich, seamless meeting experience.
The Conferencing Button
In seconds, you are wirelessly connected to cameras, soundbars and other AV USB-peripherals in the room for a better, more immersive meeting experience.
The ClickShare App
Collaboration is more intuitive than ever before. The App easily connects to the meeting room, offering screen sharing as well as a host of advanced features. The App works on all devices, from desktop to Android and iOS.
Laptop remains number one tool for 70% of people to host videocalls from.
Outlook for the post-covid workplace research. ClickShare 2021

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