ClickShare wireless presentation system

No cables and no hassle for guests and visitors to share their screen and join the conversation. Gone is the mess of having a hard time connecting your laptop to the room system. ClickShare Present, the agnostic & wireless presentation system, truly makes sharing content effortless in any meeting room.  

You walk into the room with your laptop, tablet or smart phone. ClickShare automatically

  • detects your presence
  • connects you to the room display and devices
  • instantly helps you share content

All it takes, is one click to get effective collaboration flowing for team members, but also for your guests. With ClickShare Present, you can share presentations, videos and platforms without having to mess with wires, cables and adapters. It’s making presentation simple, easy and completely wireless. 


How does it work?

  • Share your screen to the meeting room display with the ClickShare Button
  • Collaborate with the ClickShare App to capture key moments of the meeting with snapshots
  • Enjoy interactivity features like
    • touch-enabled support
    • blackboarding
    • annotation
  • Benefit from BYOD (Bring Your Own Device): access screen sharing from any employee device using Airplay, GoogleCast or Miracast
  • Use your display for digital signage when not used for presenting.

The ClickShare Present experience


ClickShare is compatible with any device. Connect your laptop via the ClickShare Button or ClickShare App. Connect smartphones and tablets via Mobile Apps or screen mirroring (AirPlay, Google Cast or Miracast).

Seamless collaboration

Turn any room into a collaboration room overnight with the ClickShare wireless room system, and enjoy engaging, productive meetings. 

Wireless presentation made easy

Present from your laptop in any room without cable hassle. Button or App, you decide.

Simple one-click experience

Walk in with your laptop and instantly connect to the room devices. Start within seconds with one-click collaboration.


Perfectly works with your device, Windows or Mac. Connects to any display and offers full BYOD with any screen mirroring protocol. Use as digital signage player to impress, inform and inspire.


Secure, networked and cloud-managed, ClickShare is an IT-friendly solution, ISO27001 certified solution. Packed with five years of coverage, access to analytics and regular software updates. SmartCare included for your peace of mind. Proven ROI.


How can ClickShare Present benefit your business?

Wireless presentation with ClickShare Present allows for intuitive, easy-to-use presentation and collaboration in a fixed conference room or as a standalone presentation system. It's the ideal presentation tool for your Microsoft Teams Room or Zoom Room and ensures true team collaboration without BYOD security risks. 

Our wireless display collaboration platform allows participants to bring their own Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) devices without having to physically link them using cables (HDMI, VGA...) and adapters. The connection from a laptop to TV, display or projector is wireless. Content sharing can be done with the Button, App or screen mirroring (which offers different cast screen solutions like AirPlay, GoogleCast or Miracast).

The Barco ClickShare Present range comes with a host of features and security measures to help you and your team get more out of your presentations, encouraging closer collaboration and allowing for a more engaging experience all around. Use your display for digital signage content when not used for presenting.


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Why ClickShare is a perfect match for you?

With ClickShare you can turn meeting rooms into hybrid places where decisions are made, creativity bursts and real teamwork comes to life. So, why not look at meeting technology that increases productivity and efficiency with hybrid collaboration. Empower in-room and remote participants to feel equally engaged as in an in-person meeting. Make collaboration automated and intuitive thanks to smart meeting flows. Boost the ROI of your meeting technology with digital signage capabilities.

ClickShare offers wireless collaboration technology that is designed for you and your company. Discover how we can help you. 


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The laptop remains the number one tool to host videocalls for 70% of people.
Outlook for the post-covid workplace research. ClickShare 2021

Button or App, one great experience

Have the most intuitive user experience in all meeting rooms with the ClickShare Button and the ClickShare App. You decide how you like to work.
The ClickShare Button
In seconds, you are able to present wirelessly to the meeting room display from your laptop and can enjoy a more engaging, seamless meeting experience.
The ClickShare App
Collaboration more intuitive than ever before. The App easily connects to the meeting room, offering screen sharing as well as a host of advanced features. The App works on all devices, from desktop to Android and iOS.

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