Enhance your Microsoft Teams Rooms experience with ClickShare Present

Meetings today are no longer purely virtual or physical. Meeting participants are usually a mix of in-office and remote users. That’s why hybrid meeting is the way forward from now on.

Your fixed Microsoft Teams Rooms offers you a simple way to have videoconferences or hybrid meetings. But for true collaboration and meeting interaction, a fixed conference room is limited. With Barco’s ClickShare Present, you can turn your Microsoft Teams Rooms into a fully equipped hybrid collaboration room and wirelessly share your content in your existing meeting room setup.

Team up with Microsoft Teams & ClickShare Conference in any meeting

We’ve designed the ClickShare Conference range to work seamlessly with UC solutions like Microsoft Teams, your preferred UC solution. In less than 7 seconds you connect wirelessly to the audio and video peripherals – microphones, soundbars and cameras – in the room to boost the hybrid meeting experience for both in-room and remote participants. No cable hassle. Share content on the meeting room screen, collaborate with interactivity features and push that same content to remote participants for a truly immersive and engaging meeting for all.

  • Connect wirelessly to audio and video solutions in any meeting room using the ClickShare Button or App
  • Start the Teams videocall from your own laptop (or any other UC solution if necessary)
  • Share content on the meeting room screen & remote - from any device, even as a guest
  • Collaborate interactively with all attendees

Know more on wireless conferencing

ClickShare Conference - Wireless Conferencing  

Your way of working, with full BYOM

Unleash the power of Bring Your Own Meeting by bridging to remote participants with the UC platform of your choice, even when it’s not Microsoft Teams. Start the hybrid meeting from your own laptop.

Office or remote, you’re one click away

Connect wirelessly to AV room peripherals. Share content to your Microsoft Teams meeting in one click, without cables or adaptors. Use the Button or App for a unified, intuitive user experience. 

Boost your team chemistry

Simply walk in and start your hybrid meeting. Smart meeting flows make your experience intuitive.

Whether you’re the organizer or a guest, anyone can participate and share content - even multiple pieces of content side by side - from any device.

Which ClickShare Conference is right for you? 


Ideally suited for huddle spaces and small meeting rooms, the CX-20 offers you seamless one-click wireless conferencing and full BYOD support. 


Transform small to medium-sized meeting rooms into interactive, conference spaces with CX-30. Adding interactivity and moderation to truly connect in hybrid meetings. 


Premium one-click wireless conferencing with the CX-50 makes sure hybrid collaboration flows in all your larger meeting rooms and boardrooms.

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How to use ClickShare Conference with Microsoft Teams?

There are 3 simple steps to take

  1. Insert the Conferencing Button or start the Desktop App
    To connect wirelessly to the meeting room’s audio and video devices

  2. Start your Microsoft Teams call  - or any UC&C call for that matter. 

  3. You need only one click
    To share content on the meeting room screen

Want to enhance your Microsoft Teams Room experience? 

Your Microsoft Teams Room offers you a simple but limited way to have videoconferences or hybrid meetings. 

With Barco’s ClickShare Present, you can turn your fixed room into a fully equipped hybrid collaboration room and wirelessly share your content in your existing setup.

Discover the power of wireless presentation


Working seamless with these platforms 


Download de ClickShare-folder en deel ze met je collega's of raadpleeg ze op een later tijdstip.
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