Take your Microsoft Teams meeting to the next level with ClickShare Conference

Can you believe the swift adoption of video conferencing during the recent pandemic? UC solutions like Microsoft Teams were quickly common practise to connect people worldwide in many lines of businesses, education and even pleasure. Thanks to their simplicity and ease-of-use, the number of video call accounts went up into hundreds of millions. And going back to the office after lockdown, video will remain high on our priority list for communication and collaboration, especially for Microsoft Teams users.

Team up with Microsoft Teams & ClickShare in any meeting

We’ve designed the ClickShare Conference range to work seamlessly with UC solutions like Microsoft Teams and with the AV USB-peripherals in the meeting room – mics, soundbars and cameras – without the hassle of physically having to connect them with cables and adapters. In less than 7 seconds you can connect wirelessly to the audio and video peripherals in your meeting room to boost the meeting experience for all participants – both in-room and remote – in your Microsoft Teams call.

Matching perfectly with your need for BYOM – Bring Your Own Meeting – where you start the Microsoft Teams call from your own laptop, allowing you to use your preferred UC solution. Share content on the meeting room screen, collaborate with interactivity features and push that same content to remote participants for a truly immersive and engaging meeting for all.

If you have a Microsoft Teams room installed in your meeting deck, there is a way to enhance further interactivity, productivity and collaboration in your Teams meetings. Adding ClickShare wireless presentation solutions to your fixed conferencing room set-up moves the focus from mainly conferencing to true hybrid collaboration. It makes your remote and hybrid meeting simple, easy and wireless.

How to use ClickShare Conference with Microsoft Teams?

There are 3 simple steps to take

  1. Insert the Conferencing Button
    To connect wirelessly to the meeting room’s audio and video devices

  2. Start your Microsoft Teams call  - or any UC&C call for that matter. 

  3. Push the Button
    To share content on the meeting room screen

Discover the benefits of enhancing your Microsoft Teams calls with ClickShare Conference 

  1. Connect instantly & wirelessly with meeting room AV equipment
  2. Interact seamless with remote participants thanks to better audio and full room view
  3. Share content without hassle, for both in-room and remote participants 
  4. Don’t waste time setting up meeting room equipment. Reduce setup times from 7 minutes to 7 seconds
  5. Start the call from your own device and avoid using complex meeting room tech
  6. Simply bring your own meeting (BYOM) and start a call from your own device without problems
  7. Save on expensive meeting room software licenses
  8. Your preferred conferencing solution is Microsoft Teams. Still, you have the option to use other UC& C solutions if necessary, e.g. when a supplier is proposing another platform, you can easily connect to the meeting room’s AV peripherals.

ClickShare Conference is het antwoord


Geen kabels. Deel uw mening draadloos in de kamer en maak verbinding met een USB-camera, luidspreker en microfoon voor eenvoudig vergaderen


Geen software nodig, geen aanraakschermen om te bedienen, geen instellingen die moeten worden beheerd. Heb in alle kamers dezelfde gebruikerservaring met één klik


Geef de vergaderruimte meer mogelijkheden voor een betere BYOM. Zowel deelnemers in de kamer als op afstand genieten van een optimale vergaderdynamiek


Werkt naadloos op uw laptop, uw vergaderplatform (UC) en een breed scala aan USB-randapparatuur


Integreert met reeds bestaande oplossingen voor vergaderruimtes en zorgt ervoor dat nieuwe technologie moeiteloos kan worden toegevoegd. Geen vendor lock-in


ISO27001-gecertificeerde, IT-oplossing die veilig, cloud-beheerd en verbonden is. Deel met Button, App of beide, wat past bij uw werkplekstrategie

Increased engagement for all Microsoft Teams participants

In-room users can perfectly see and hear the remote participant, share content and have lively face-to-face discussions.

Remote participants have a great overview of what is happening in the meeting room with full room view, can view shared content and participate actively in the meeting.

View from the Meeting-room

View on the meeting room for the remote participant

Benieuwd welk ClickShare-model het beste bij je past? Gebruik onze wizard als hulp.

Help me kiezen

Tips & Tricks

In the unlikely event that you are experiencing difficulties to connect to the meeting room audio:

Check the audio & camera settings in Microsoft Teams & make sure you are connected to the meeting room video & audio systems.


Want to access the additional power features to share content?

Push the quick Button on the Conferencing Button to access collaborative features:

  • Bring the big screen back to your device with ‘local view of the room display’
  • Use window selection to show only the application or document you prefer

Working seamless with these platforms 


Download de ClickShare-folder en deel ze met je collega's of raadpleeg ze op een later tijdstip.
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