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Projector Toolset

Projector Toolset

All-in-one remote projector management software


Projector toolset

Barco's Projector Toolset software is a free, user-friendly software package that helps you manage your Barco projectors easily and quickly from one central location, through the network or RS232 connection. Comprising various tools for brightness settings, diagnostics, image adjustment, picture-in-picture and image control, the Projector Toolset is an indispensable tool for efficient visualization management

Compatible with all Barco large venue and business projector series, the Projector Toolset provides your facility management with an intuitive way to manage an entire fleet of projectors. For example, in college buildings, museums, conference centers or other facilities with a complex visualization network, clicking one button from the comfort of a desktop computer to start up your projector fleet has a huge impact on your time management.

Because Barco strongly believes in supporting you with the right tools to make use of all features our visualization offers, we have made our Projector Toolset available as one package. And best of all – it's completely free of charge.

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